Tellermetrix latest innovations now available . . . Affinity™ integrated marketing module . . . e-BSA™ integrated FinCEN BATCH FILING module . . . e-Deposit™ integrated Check 21 module . . . TMTellerMessage™ integrated teller messaging/prompting . . .

   •  Check Cashing Solutions
   •  Lending Solutions
   •  Compliance & Fraud Prevention Solutions
   •  Multi-Store Solutions
   •  Marketing Solutions
   •  Check 21 Solutions
   •  Digital Two-Sided Check Imaging
   •  Digital Customer Photo, Signature and ID Card Imaging
   •  Customer Card File
   •  Maker Information File
   •  Notes and Warnings for Customer and Maker
   •  Comprehensive Positive and Negative Velocity Checking
   •  Custom Receipts, Endorsements and Deposit Slips
   •  Connectivity to Major Money Order Providers
   •  Searchable Databases
   •  Reporting Designed by Industry Professionals
   •  Data Exporter
   •  Optional Central Database and Reporting in Your Main Office
   •  Special Commercial Check Processing
   •  A True Windows Application

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FiSCA Workshop Survey Results: Surprises, New Realities, Wake-up Calls and Optimism
by Richard B. Kelsky

A Kelsky's Korner article first published in Cheklist Magazine, based upon a high-tech electronic workshop survey conducted by him at FiSCA's Annual Conference in Chicago.

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