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Customer Relations

Speedier, More Respectful Service. With first-time patrons, our POS software enables you to create a complete customer record (including photo, signature and ID image) and confirm information more quickly. After their first visit, you can give your customers a supermarket-style barcode key tag. When they return, a swipe of that tag gives your teller instant access to their records, including prior transactions and check images. This hassle-free service lets repeat customers know that you value their time and respect them - and gives them an added incentive to keep coming back rather than going to a competitor. And the key tag with your logo is a constant reminder of your store and the services you provide.


Integrated Marketing Programs - Affinity™ With this optional module, you can provide your customers with a range of programs, including automated transaction and volume-based discounts, points-for-prizes rewards, and customer status and benefit levels. Plus, you can monitor program activity for effectiveness and business planning.

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