TM Software for Financeial Services

A Full Scope of Solutions

We make it easy to bring your operations into the 21st Century. e-Scope® Plus! has a broad range of built-in features and optional modules that let you select the solutions you want in a POS system. Whether it's maintaining customer records that include a reference photo and an additional photo for each check cashed, instantly viewable ID and signature images, a listing of previous transactions and instant access to front and back check images, customer demographics, or maker information and history, e-Scope® Plus! has a broad range of features. Of course, there's much more, including: back-end pre-packaged and custom reporting, deposit records including deposit slip images, programmable soft "keys," maker and customer velocity and negative velocity checking, drawer and vault opening, closing and balancing, automated customer receipts and endorsements, operator hierarchy security, multi-field customer/check searchable database, bank routing number database, zip code database, notes and warnings and selectable customer status and maker status. Our suite of check-cashing products also includes e-Scope® Manager's Station, e-Collect™, and a host of optional modules, as well as multi-store and payday loan solutions.

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