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FiSCA Workshop Survey Results:
Surprises, New Realties, Wake-up Calls and Optimism

By Richard B. Kelsky I had the opportunity to chair a groundbreaking workshop at the FiSCA Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago. Using real-time "audience response technology," attendees anonymously responded to a series of multiple-choice questions and were able to see the graphed results instantly, on the big screen.

We gave each attendee (in both workshop sessions) a remote responder. Utilizing some very cool software, questions were displayed to the audience, and then - before responding - we had an open discussion to clarify each question. Once the full meaning and implications of each question were agreed upon, each attendee used their responder to register their answer.In less than a second, the group's responses were displayed as a graph for all to see. In addition to the discussion that followed, from my unique position at the podium, I also got to see some very surprised expressions, nods of agreement, and the full gamut of reactions and emotions.

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