TM Software for Financeial Services

While no software can be a substitute for the performance of appropriate and complete compliance activity, our e-Patriot™ solution helps your compliance officer monitor, identify and report suspicious and/or regulated activities, gather Bank Secrecy Act information (MIL), and automatically generate CTR and SAR reports. It also includes SDN Database warning and search capability. Our solutions help you identify reportable transactions in real-time and automatically fill out monetary instrument logs and forms for filing with the proper authorities. Customers are automatically checked with the OFAC/SDN database when entered, and can be re-checked anytime. And with our multi-store solutions, reportable transactions are aggregated and flagged chain-wide as compliance thresholds are exceeded.

With the 2012 FinCEN requirement that all CTRs and SARs be submitted electronically you may have discovered that entering these forms is very time-consuming. Our optional e-BSA module allows you to file these forms electronically in batch.

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